Welcome to All About Marlboro Snus!

June 17, 2010 Leave a comment

Hi everyone,

This is my new blog dedicated to a new type of Snus tobacco known as Marlboro Snus. Marlboro Snus is a relatively new smokeless tobacco product on the market in the United States, and is estimated to be 90-99% safer than cigarette smoking. This blog is dedicated to posting reviews about Marlboro Snus and Camel Snus tobacco, along with providing some useful information to new Marlboro Snus users.

The different flavors of Marlboro Snus

Marlboro Snus comes in four different flavors that include:

  • Marlboro Snus Peppermint
  • Marlboro Snus Spearmint
  • Marlboro Snus Rich
  • Marlboro Snus Mild

Expect a review of all of these flavors in the next few weeks!